Wage Theft Act

Wage Theft Act

Wage theft can have devastating effects on workers, affecting livelihoods and financial stability.
Whether you’re an employee seeking to recover unpaid wages or an employer facing wage-related allegations, our dedicated employment law experts are committed to protecting your rights and seeking fair resolutions.

At BTT Lawyers Pty Ltd, we offer a range of wage theft and employment law services tailored to
your specific needs:

● Wage Recovery
● Unfair Dismissal and Termination
● Contractual Disputes
● Award Interpretation and Compliance
● Workplace Investigations
● Collective Actions and Class Actions

We go above and beyond legal representation by prioritising clear communication and
personalised strategies. If you’re confronting challenges related to wage theft, don’t hesitate to
reach out to BTT Lawyers for trusted guidance and effective advocacy.

Contact us to find out more or to arrange a consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer.

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“Liability Limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.”
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